Letter of Complaint

The German-language document you may find here! 

Ursula Empress

To the

Senders of all Radio-Stations



Luebeck, 2002, Mai 5


Jackpot / Letter of Complaint


Dear Editors,

The whole day I am sitting in front of the broadcast and for this purpose I always note down the newest state of the things and your jackpot, but you do never phoned me. I practice simply everything, the singing, everything you are requesting. 

I keep informed and read all the newest journals and study the Guinness-book of the records. Now I know all the highly carat personalities for a long time but you do never ask me for my extensive knowledge via broadcast. Daily I give my best wishes and salutations to my friends via the broadcast but never also only once you considered me, although I would like in such a way be famous gladly and of course rich, too.

I daily apply to the G. J. Show and would like to acquire me a dog or a cat now, so finitely I will be recognized in society and can discuss with your animal doctor.

However one compliment I absolute would like to make you:

The weather report you can pass very greatly, yes, so rightly witty, therefore I still would have some suggestions.

You full splendid nutcases, you!

You will do obedience by controlling in the right direction otherwise your Empress will have to send you from the place!

On behalf of


Oh, I think your advertising is so fabulous, wau wau, miaow and hoppelahopp!

2014/ 2017
Now this writing is already written some years ago, however the contents of the rather jocularly letter meets more than ever the core of the today’s  entertainment shows.

For this reason one should try to strike back in the same level, what among the rest I already worked on for ages like one should be able to read clearly!