Emigration of Nation

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Emigration of Nations

Ursula Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the


CC/   To all Presenters


(June 30th 2000) 


Germany, Luebeck, 2002, March 10th

Mini Playback Show

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Directors and Managers, Dear Presenters,

Presumably you have not yet heard also from the existence of your Empress, who please, is not allied to your TV Emperor. 

For years your TV programme "The Mini Playback Show" has run with certainly a great success and a high audience rating.
Fortunately now your Empress has methods and ways, which you will get to know at first.

If my person regards the small applicants, then often your Empress thinks about what no doubt will become from these small ones now because, parents, who send their children to your TV programme will certainly have filmed the child's scene in front of a million public by video.

They often certainly will watch the videos in front of the children and they do not notice that they are dreaming further. Yes, nowadays already the five- and six year children pay the bill for the "great " ones.

As yesterday reported in the news a small Cuban boy has paid a bill between the USA and Cuba. However, your Empress doesn't be able to tolerate completely anything like this!

In that way the children will be able to cope with the public images, only a very few people are able to judge. Does many such a small stars never get satisfaction in their lives now and will they get no balance anymore? More often there is the whish and the will to become famous, because the feeling of success from many other people is needed nowadays.

The business with the longing flourishes, regardless who is going to has to pay the bill.
Not alone in Germany and Europe, especially in the USA the kids business runs across cinema, Internet, video and TV.

Often the pitiful result is leading us on eyes.

Now the presenter of the show mentioned above will say: "My TV programme is harmless; the children finally want to have these public scenes and in such a way are practiced to copy the so-called adults. In addition may have given the parents` consent and the application instead of the child".

Where do you want to go actually?

Your Empress writes you in person and warns you all together now. 

Even if it is about a million people, you do support or confirm that for a million public; you moderate this TV programme and in this way you earn your money! By the sender of the Super RTL  this nonsense is broadcasted and many people are entertained by it.

Your Empress gives you and many others of your colleagues the opportunity  to get out of a handicapped ID. (Disabled Person Identity Card.) I don`t be able to write more clearly to you, because my post goes out and this my person can promise; my post also goes out not only in German language.

Please, do make for it that it is stopped immediately this kind of TV programmes worldwideYou also have to make for it that the corresponding videos are collected as required. For ill people your Empress has understanding, but nevertheless she lets not play the five- and six year old ones with the big ones!

That is out of the question any longer, now we came so far!

My person can spare you and others the handicapped ID by this writing, but that you and other can get a good hiding by my invisibly Cudgel also backdated, not even your Empress may spare you.

If you did not become very ill and stupid you might be thankful for it!

Also the radio stations mix a child programme with songs and hits, with the turn on groaning and the longing howl.

HP: The Mini Playback Show already runs as a replication for a further million public.

Some of the children, whose were filmed already are able to understand now what had been happend with them as a small child. An intelligent child will be caused by such a nonsense its whole life.

Unterlassen Sie bitte in Zukunft diesen Kinderkram und fangen Sie nicht auch noch damit an, die schönsten Kinder publik zu machen; es langt nun aber wirklich!

On behalf of