Yoghurt Cultures

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Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the WDR

Attn. Mr. Kachelmann

And Colleagues

50600 Cologne


Friday, 27 February 2004

The free English translation on 6 September 2021.

Floods and Yoghurt Cultures


Dear Mr. Kachelmann, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Meteorology!

As demonstrated by the advertisement of a yoghurt culture, you, Mr Kachelmann, are marketing your status as a meteorologist. Presumably, as a Swiss, you are a Catholic and for this very reason apparently never had the opportunity and possibility to seriously think about life. From this offered status you are now cashing in on your popularity for a nice pocket money through that named advertisement.

You, Mr Kachelmann, must have a very pathetic circle of colleagues in the TV industry, otherwise you would not have paraded your profession so cheaply.

You and your kind as meteorologists will almost certainly suffer from defective cones in the retina or from disturbances presumably in the pituitary gland, which can probably be related to memory, since the colour memory regarding the incoming daylight, which has changed sensitively for about six years, cannot be perceived by you and others.

As I am not a medical doctor, I cannot explain such behaviour in any other way. Please read the following letter, which describes your status well. Then please read the attached letter, which is addressed to geophysicists but necessarily includes your profession.

There is no need for scaremongering, but you and your kind are no longer allowed to make a fool of the circle of life! Also, hardly anyone has noticed that all of a person's glands are being attacked, which certainly fits into your demonstrated mood barometer.

Mankind has already been in the process of becoming downright stupid for years, also through such a profession, which you of all people represent! And if you are already responsible for the weather report, Mr. Kachelmann, then please inform your TV colleagues that my person in particular is very afraid of being completely stultified by the demonstrated Luebeck TV offspring of the acting profession, since this sick cheating club could have done something long ago.

You are hereby clearly admonished for your nonsense, Mr. Kachelmann, and will have to realise that my person must also send this letter to your circle of colleagues, since one of five meteorologists can at most be taken seriously, if at all. Please see to it that the nonsense of downplaying all signs and omens of an imminent end to a possible new beginning is stopped.

Perhaps I should apply to your weather service, because you and others surely cannot entirely deny me a certain talent, because:

"Oh another flood disaster, ha ha, there we all go again collecting for a good cause and putting on our water wings, because we do have enough energy and that is through Actimell-antibodies, don't we?"

P. p.


See attachment

Pay off Social Debts and take Responsibility!

As a meteorologist, please ensure in future that even the old and experienced person is not dulled and compulsorily dumbed down by your trivialisations and comparisons with the catastrophes of the past, because the weather and the cycle of weather are increasingly changing and clear prophetic signs of a coming end are imminent, whereby an old person and his wisdom are held in low esteem by your publicly delivered nonsense, as you trivialise or distort the clear facts!! !! 

February 2018

Pay off Social Debts and take Responsibility!