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Miracle for Women

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To: sat Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 5:30 PM

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Ursula Empress

To the

Responsibility of the TV-Senders 


Germany, Luebeck, 02 12. 03 giovedì 4 marzo 2004    

Please, let this writing be withheld till it is confirmed! **


Dear American Women!

Your Empress may dare to prepare you for a not quite unimportant miracle, which in the first place covers the external beauty of a woman. 

There is a correspondingly writing, which your Empress still withholds and what has to be translated and be understood quite exactly, if you get the letter. That writing is only written in German language like much many writings for you, since your Empress has difficulties with the translation. 

Fortunately it is not the decision of your Empress, whether you will get aid immediately or only later. Certainly sooner or later every woman, equal in which age a woman is, will get an external nature cosmetic correction. 

This is a foundation of the forthcoming fairytale and should start in this way slowly, although many people no more are earning this present, but at the same time you have to know, that such a present can be taken back again from the one or the others. Who does not can handle rightly with the values of other people and will not be reserved with the back coming beauty, this one will be taken away the beauty again.

Please, read precisely what your Empress think about women which has taken another woman the man due to predominantly weapons of a woman, also often through the age or through favorable situations as it often is the case in professional life. Mostly it acts about a man of an inner more beautiful woman.

Women like models, film stars, singers, Internet- services, stripper and so on, whose move in the media to be confirmed as beautiful women and through it indirectly an other woman is displaced, they should be reckon with it, that the turn will go the other way round. The women, who try to penetrate in a solid relationship to attach themselves to other men, especially at the expense of the wives, come to an external second class, what  already has happened with the older prominent persons by nature long time ago. 

If a woman further interferes directly or indirectly into a relationship or marriage in future, whether through the TV, video, Internet, journals, photographs or anyway, then your Empress let remove such a woman and the party responsible will follow in near future, if in the case the Cudgel of your Empress does not help anymore.

Women, those have gone in this way through the media will in one point of view stay their whole lives always more boring as others because, one gets enough of them!

On behalf of         


**Perhaps still it is too early or only a wishful thinking by my person, but without many miracles their will go nothing anymore for a liveable future.

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